My passion for photography started at a very early age. My parents gave me disposable cameras as gifts until I was responsible enough to borrow my Dad's DSLR. In middle school and high school, I was always known as the "artsy" friend who was really into cameras and knew how to use editing programs. I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years and was recruited as a Student-Athlete at the University of Arkansas. Sometimes, I would bring my GoPro to practice and take pictures of my teammates underwater. My photos got the attention of the athletic department, and many of my photographs were published by the University. Additionally, I was a member of the Student-Athlete government (SAAC) and elected marketing chair because of my photography.

While I studied Pre-Law in undergrad, my heart always yearned for a career in creativity. I was working as a Paralegal near Cheyenne, Wyoming when my cousin asked me to shoot her wedding in Boulder, Colorado. I fell in love with the wedding photography profession and soon enough I was photographing weddings and elopements in Northern Colorado and Western Wyoming part time. In 2020 I moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to pursue photography full time. Today, I live in Salt Lake City serving lovely couples all over Utah and Wyoming. 

Hi, I'm Anya

about me

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 I love everything outdoors; hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing/kayaking... especially if we can bring our dogs!

When I'm Not Working

I met my husband in middle school. We started dating in the 9th grade and continued to date all throughout high school and college. We got married on June 02, 2018, in our hometown of Dallas, Texas.

My Love Story

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